Friday, April 3, 2009

Taylor vs. Shepherd

It was a very quick game. Not much happened really. Taylor put this one pitcher that just lobbed the ball into home plate and we got all our points mainly from this kid. Oh by the way we won 10 - 0. The innings were really quick since our pitcher was really good and threw strikes. 2 home runs were hit. The wind was ridiculous. There'd be gusts of wind and just throw you off balance, especially whileThere is really not much to talk about right now. My team is still undefeated 9 - 0.

yea this is short but i am way tired!

2 more posts till my 100th post :)


Richard said...

Another great win. Keep it up and you will go to divisionals!

Chelley said...

It was fun to see Stuart there! He is so tall!