Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shepherd vs. Stapely

We are UNDEFEATED CITY CHAMPIONS!! We beat Stapely 9-2. It was an awesome experience playing in a stadium. The dugouts were all nice and they had a lower level with the locker rooms and stuff lol. It was so cool and i could totally get used to that :). I played the 4-7th innings and only batted once but got a really nice hit to center field it was a double and I got 2 RBIs off of it. I was 11 for 18 this season in batting and thats really good. My batting Average was .611 :).

Well now im just in 6th hour PE which sucks cuz now we have to swim and i really dont want to lol. I guess it will be fun but still.


Leslie said...

So do you get some fancy ring to wear?

Jonathan said...

no i wish though!