Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Got my License!

Yesterday afternoon my mom took me to the DMV. I swear we were in there for hours.... after the paper work was all filled out I waited some more and took the my dads truck in the 3 point turn area. I wait some more and the instructor tests my lights then tells me to go into the coned spot and do a 3pt turn. If you hit a single cone you fail automatically. That really got my heart racing. I pull up and started backing up but then I realized I was going to hit a cone. SO i pulled up farther then backed up and completed the turn. The instructor said to pull to the side and wait so I did and watched the other kids trying to get their license do the 3 point turn. 2 out of the 5 failed.

The instructor got in my car and we drove around the block. It was quite easy but I was shaking really bad! The instructor said I need to watch my speed but other wise I did fine.

Having a license is suhweet! I drove around like all day yesterday lol.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shooting Range!!

Yesterday afternoon we all went to the shooting range. I have never had so much fun shooting guns ever! It was a lot better than shooting all the .22's all the time. I shot the AR-15, AK-47, 30.06, .22 pistol, and the 9mm's. My favorite had to be the AR-15 along with the 9mm. AR-15 has pretty good kick but it doesnt like throw you back like Eric's 30.06. The 30.06 was really kool too though. I have to say I was freaked out to shoot it cuz it has a lot of kick. I shot it and man that was awesome! I shot it about 7 more times. The pistols were really kool. I have always wanted to shoot a 9mm. I am also surprised how much my mom shot. She is pretty tough! My dad...., he dont care. He just picks up the gun no matter how big, pop...pop...pop. Grandma Hooper even shot the AR-15 with the .22 bullets instead of the bigger ones with lots of kick. It was fun watching her just unload that clip haha!

Overall I think everyone had fun. I so want to do this again!

Me on the AR-15
Kirk making sure I properly loaded his gun
The little cousins all hanging out on the back of the truck

Grandma chilling out in the truck watching everyone shoot

Getting ready to shoot the AR-15

Dad on the AK-47

Mom on the AR-15 (look closely and you can see her bullet hit the dirt behind the target

AK-47 again

Mom also on the AK-47

Dad on the AR-15 (his bullet also just hit the dirt)

Me on the AK-47

Connor didnt like how much kick the AR-15 had lol

Connor like the .22 rifle

Me and my brother shooting

Helping Jenna shoot the .22


My dad with his 9mm

Me shooting the .22 Pistol

Connor on the .22 pistol

mom on the 9mm (she looked deadly lol)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Past weeks...

Over the past few weeks i have been really busy reading The Scarlet Letter and writing essays and character analysis' for my AA English class. Geometry is pointless. I will most likely never use this stuff in life...i mean, when am I ever gonna need to do proofs and write all the steps i did to find the stupid. Seminary is really cool. There are a lot of really good and smart kids in my class so I learn alot. We are studying the Book of Mormon this year and so far I am loving it. Its the time to just relax listen to the spirit and get away from the vain things at school. Orchestra is like the best class besides seminary. My orchestra director is awesome! He so funny and loves doing what he is doing. Yesterday after school, he helped me with my bowing technique because I told him I am having issues with it. I am already playing a lot smoother. Now I just need to practice and et used to the improved bowing grip.

Biology is pretty kool. This class is really easy for me. I have a 96% in this class and have gotten 100%'s on basically every quiz and test. I guess this means i am meant to be a doctor lol!

Drivers Ed is pointless. I am really not learning anything. Its a great class for those people who are trying to get their permit. I am learning everything I need to learn from my dad on the road.

Sign language is really cool. I love that I am learning a language and playing at the same time. Its fun to be swinging your hands all over the place and are actually signing words.

I am also doing baseball after school Monday and Wednesday. I am getting a lot better and hopefully Ill make the JV team.

Its my BIRTHDAY TOMMOROW!!!!!! I am so excited to turn 16 and being able to drive and date too. I feel like life is going by so fast. Each year is faster and faster. (a great bday present would be some money to fix up the chevelle haha!!!) By the way I am updating the chevelle blog also.

"Of course, there is no going back, but only forward. Rather than dwelling on the past, we should make the most of today. Of the here and now providing pleasant memories for the future."
-President Thomas S. Monson