Friday, February 27, 2009

Shepherd vs. Carson

Our first game was against Carson Jr. High. We killed em 16 - 0. Carson couldnt stop us lol. Our pitching was so fast none of Carsons players hit the ball. One pitcher at Carson threw the ball so slow he rainbowed it to home plate. I played fr the last half of the game and was called in for a pinch hitter and runner. It was definitely alot fun. I am excited for our next game on Monday vs. Taylor. ( might not play bcuz i hav been sick and missed some practices.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


WOOHOO!! I made the 2009 Shepherd baseball team. Coach doesnt know where to put me yet and hopefully he will find out soon enough.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Registration, Eagle Project, and other stuff.

Alright well this week has been rather stressful with registering for Red Mountain High School. I am going to be taking an online class of World History since I didnt take it this year at Shepherd and dont have room for it in 10th grade. I will be taking A hour seminary, AA english, geometry, biology, Orchestra, Football/Baseball, Spanish 1, then after football practice I have to stay for an extra hour weightlifting (you have to have a separate weight training class in y our schedule and I cant fit it in and coach said that I could do it after practice which sucks). So i will be at school for 12 hours!!! It Sucks! 7am-6:30pm.

I have finally figured out and planned my eagle project. I am going to be helping out Andrea's Closet (for more info on what Andrea's Closet is:

I made regionals!! I can't believe I actually made it. I got my music yesterday and It looks quite hard. The Rehearsals are Feb 20&21. They are very long rehearsals and the concert is at 3pm at Camelback Highschool Feb 21.

Baseball tryouts start monday. There are 30 kids trying out and only 15 kids make it. I am pretty good so I am hoping for the best.

Thats all for tonight!!