Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fremont, Smith

Both games were a success. We beat Fremont 9 - 2. It was a really boring game cuz our pitcher threw a no hitter until the last inning. The Smith game was fun for me to see all of my old friends again. We beat them 14 - 3. I had 2 nice solid hits to left field and was hit in the back of the calf at on my last at bat. my batting average is .615 :). Right now my teams record is 12 - 0!

Tomorrow afternoon I am going DMV to get my permit. I dont think ill pass lol but Im reading the Driver licence manual thing like crazy so hopefully I can pass.

99th post!
3 Day weekend!


Chelley said...

I want you to pass but would secretly be o.k. if you didn't! :D Sorry, can't help but not wanting my kid to grow up! You used to climb on my lap for stories and now you want to drive a car!!! AAAAHHH!

Richard said...

It was fun watching you out on the field. I think you proved to your coach that you are the "MAN" at baseball. Congrats on the win.

KJ said...

Jonathan I just read your moms post and I wanted to tell you congratulatiions on your great successes. You really are a great kids. Well done. Also, Zack is super jealous. You are getting your permit first. He has been studying his permit book too and can't wait to get it next month.