Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pitchers Mound!

Me and my dad thought it would be awesome to make a pitchers mound for the backyard. I didnt think we would ever actually make the mound. We spent 4 hours on this and I think it turned out great! Only downfall is that its really heavy (200+ lbs according to my dad). I think me, connor, and my dad all had fun doing this together! Here are some pictures!

It took forever cutting the boards and making sure our measurements were correct. We sprayed some aggressively tacky glue lol. it was really really sticky.m
i think it turned out awesome. Alot of our projects turn out ok but this one turned out great.
I also drove on the freeway for the first time and McDowell, Greenfield and Recker. It was fun but scary! Well goodnight guys!


music lady said...

fun project!

Chelley said...

Now you and Connor can really practice those pitches- in your own backyard!