Friday, April 24, 2009

Shepherd vs. Rhodes

Well our record now is 16-0-1 :/. We tied our first game with Rhodes 3-3. None of the players on my team were playing very well, including me. We were just not mentally prepared for the game. Since this was a double header we played them one more time and this time we won 4-0. Rhodes was definitely a good team; probably the hardest we have faced. As long as we beat Fremont or Stapely next week (shouldnt be a problem), then we are City CHAMPIONS! I have never been on such a good team before. Its awesome!

I have been asked to give a talk next Saturday at one of my friends baptism. He is new to the teachers Quorum and just started showing up and I always tried hard to be a good friend to the boy and now he seems to lie the church and want to stick around. I think he enjoys all the activities we do and I can see he definitely wants to have a the priesthood and be like the rest of us.

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Chelley said...

This is all good stuff! I am glad you are speaking adn I can't wait to hear it!