Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Again!

It has been so long since I have posted on my blog! I have been wanting to for a while now, but I am totally lazy. My summer has been filled with a lot of wonderful things. I have been playing a lot of volleyball over the summer at the recreational center and as well with my school team. I also have been umpiring baseball a lot for the All-Star Tournament for all ages which went really well. This will be my job starting in September. I get paid $45 a game :)).

A few weeks ago the Aaronic Priesthood members in my ward drove up to Durango, Colorado for one week. It was a blast! We did a lot of fishing and hiking. My quorum split off from the deacons and teachers and went on an overnight hike to some really nice fishing spots. We hiked around 20 miles. the fishing was really good. I fly fished for the first time. There was also this crazy beaver in the river that kep scaring me half to death as he would body slam into the water and steal my fish! I also fell in love with the shotgun. We shot lots of clay pigeons and I loved that!

My last year in high school is starting up pretty quick here! I am a Senior! I have dreamed for this year since like 6th grade. (Ive never been a big fan of school) I am very excited for what this year has in store for me. I am taking seminary, and advanced Anatomy class, orchestra, AP Statistics, English 101, and Economics with Government online. It is going to be one crazy semester full of homework but im excited!

On a more spiritual side, the Lord has definitely be shaping me over this summer. I think I have grown more spiritual over this summer then I ever have. Throughout all the trials that I have gone through earlier in my life, they all have seemed to come into a new perspective and I have realized why I have gone through the ones I have. I am better understanding my Heavenly Father and His spirit and as well as the Savior. Next year in June I will be able to send in my mission papers (341 days left) and get going on my mission for 2 years! I will also be ordained an Elder and receive the Melchizedek Priesthood almost right after school ends. Holy Cow! I am very excited for these next few years of my life.

Since I was in junior high I always wanted to become a doctor just like my Grandpa Hooper! Then after some thinking and talking with my mom and doing some research, I don't know if being a doctor is something I really want to do. Something that has really struck me is Genetics and Biotechnology. I just imagine myself creating new vaccines and using Gene therapy to cure diseases (but not making Apes take over the world like that new movie haha). But who knows that could all change! I will be turning in my admissions to BYU in December so hopefully they will accept me! Life is really going to change very soon. I like to see it as, my life will finally "begin" :)).

But that's my life right now and I'm loving it.