Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shepherd vs. Fremont

Woohoo!! City Champions! We are now officially city champs even though we have one more game. We beat Fremont 9-2 and i think that was the same score from the last game. I didnt hit this game, struck out then got walked. I made some really good plays on first base and stretched out way far for the ball and for a minute i thought i hurt my hamstring (i kind of did the splits haha). Apparently the kid i started over on first base was talking a lot of crap about me when he was sitting in the dug out. And one of the team managers told one of our best players what this kid Ryan was saying and he was like well Hoops is better than Ryan. :)

Anyway gotta get ready for school so c ya!


Chelley said...

I am so glad to see your hard work pay off! But, don't stoop to Ryan's level. We don't need to talk crap about team members! You are awesome!!

Richard said...

Congrats on winning! Job well done!