Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shepherd vs. Poston

This was definitely a must win for my team but we didnt pull it off :(. We lost by....haha jk we dont lose! We won 15-1! I was surprised that we beat them by that much when us and Rhodes were the only undefeated teams and Poston beat rhodes so I thought it was going to be a very close game. We had lots of nice hits and home runs. The Shepherd Home Run record is 9 HRs. So far a kid on my team is tied with that Record and I am hoping he doesnt get it lol. It will irritate him forever :). 15-0!

I got my plastic Permit in the mail instead of a piece of paper. Its really nice looking but I hate my picture as always lol. I will definitely post pics with me and the permit haha and also some pictures of my driving :).

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music lady said...

I hope some else will take the pictures of you driving!
Be safe!