Saturday, April 11, 2009

100th POST!

Woohoo!!! I past my permit test and am legal on the road with an adult so watch out lol. So on Friday I went to the MVD and got all my paper work and signed a bunch of papers. I sit down at my computer and take the test. Expecting to pass easily, I failed. I got a 74%. I was pretty darn mad. I began to realize how unprepared I was for the test. I never read the book thoroughly. I just skimmed through it and thought some of the information was going to be on the test and most of that stuff was. It was a 30 question test and got a 23/30. you have to get an 80% to pass. One more question and I would've passed.

Friday and Saturday I studied like crazy. All morning on saturday 8-12 (while doing some spring cleaning) with my dad and the book. I felt prepared and my dad took again today and I went straight to take my test. I was on computer C and last time I was on A. Test C was definitely a lot harder than test A, but i passed! I got 4 wrong. The minimum is 6 questions wrong. so i got a 85%. Ill take that lol! I cut it pretty short but who cares. So far its been a pretty good Spring weekend :).

I also went to the Easter Pageant yesterday and It was really good. I have been for a few years and I "really" understood it this time.

100th post!

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Chelley said...

You are a great kid and I am glad you finally passed! Right now, you are in the backyard playing baseball with Kate and Connor and I wanted you to know what a great brother you are!