Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ridiculous Game

My team faced the Twins and we fricking tied!! I was so angry when the umpire called the game. I started the game off pitching didn't do so well be that's ok. I got another RBI and a double and single. The best part of the game is when i scored the tieing run! My teammate on first base stole for second and the catcher over through the ball. The center fielder chucked the ball over to home, I slid and was safe at home! My team came out of the dugout and was smacking me all over (kind of painful lol). unfortunately we tied the game, but.... we didn't lose! Hopefully next game my team can pull off the big "W" instead of the darn big "T".

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cubs vs. Athletics

Finally my team beats a team other than the D-backs (our rivals). The score was 13 - 5. I got 2 good hits and one strike out (with 4 foul balls). I had 2 RBIs and some good outs on first base. Overall, my team did great. I was proud of their great fielding; only a couple mistakes.
Hopefully my team does the same for me when I pitch on Wednesday.
(Im playing first base in this picture)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great, but bad day at Hooper Airport

Took a nose dive into the ground while doing some loops and rolls

Coming in for a landing
Taking off
I had a lot of fun soaring through the air, but was bummed when I crashed my NexStar

My Talk During Church

Woot! My first Post!

This Sunday was my turn to give a talk about the 5th Article of Faith. i wasn't to nervous about it, but once you are sitting in front of the entire ward is when the nervousness kicks in. My turn. I hopped off my seat and stood at the podium. I read my talk and everything went as planned. i wanted to bust out in tears as a bore my testimony, but held it in and finished with a great testimony. The talk was excellent. I got tons of compliments on it and was very proud of myself.