Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry CHRISTmas!!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Ends Tonight

My mom did this and it was funny so I had to copy!! This sounded fun and I'm bored.

1. Put your iTunes/playlist on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer

What is your motto?"The Grey Havens"

What do your friends think of you?"You're not Alone"

What do you think about very often?"Will and Elizabeth"

What is 2+2?"Long Way Too Happy"

"What do you think of your best friend?"Before He Cheats”

What do you think of the person you like?"Infatuation"

"What is your life story?"You Be Illin'"

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"The Black Gate Opens"

"What do you think when you see the person you like?"King Of Rock”

What do your parents think of you?"Inseparable"

What will you dance to at your wedding?"Ring My Bells"

What will they play at your funeral?"Can't Take It"

What is your hobby/interest?"To Pirates Cave!"

What is your biggest secret?"The Second Coming"

What do you think of your friends?"When Love and Hate Collide"

What’s the worst thing that could happen?"Armageddon It"

How will you die?"Chasing Cars"

What is the one thing you regret?"Forgotten"

What makes you laugh?"Specialty"

What makes you cry?"Go Back"

Will you ever get married?"Rhapsody in BLue"

What scares you the most?"Twilight and Shadow"

Does anyone like you?"In The End"

If you could go back in time, what would you change?"Bringin' On The Heart Break"

What hurts right now?"Yoda"

What will you post this as?"It Ends Tonight"

That was fun. (There is also a post under this one)

Winter Break Almost Here!

Woohoo! Just a few more days until winter break. Im so glad I get like 3 weeks off from and school and celebrate New Years and Christmas.

Anyway, I am going to be taking A hour World History and my Grandpa Standage is giving me $150 to pay for it. Thx Grandpa! I will work for him for that money like I do with my Grandpa Hooper :).

On Monday I made a Hydrogen/Oxygen bomb in science (it was hydrogen and oxygen in a balloon). We taped it to a wall outside and burned a fuse of tape. When it blew up it was so loud. People fom across the school could here it. If you ever want to see it go off, I can send it to you form my phone.

Wednesday and Thursday are my final days. Today I have a final in math and tommorow I will have finals in Science. The rest of my finals I did yesterday.

Well there isn't much to talk about so see ya!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Campout

Friday-Saturday I went camping with my troop up at Four Peaks. It wasn't to cold but when the wind kicked in, it was freezing. The dirt road that we drove t get to our campsite took like 45 minutes. We finally get there and we set up our tents and now we are all hungry and ready for some burgers.

As we try to make our fire, one of the leaders sons came and basically turned into the scout master. He was showing us how to make fire with flint and steel (all of us know how do this from 11 year old scouts so this was irritating). For about 15 minutes we are watching try to light this nest of grass and me and another kid were just like, Hey! we have matches and 6 brand new lighters for a reason. Lets use them? After the leaders son went to go and get more grass. There rest of my troop builds a Tee pee and uses matches to get the fire going before he got back. I felt bad for doing that but seriously we have had this lesson all the time, we just wanna eat lol.

The burgers were delicious (cooked by my dad). After the burgers we kind of went to bed cuz we were cold and we talked and laughed for a while before falling asleep (of course i fall asleep first).

In the morning we got camp packed up, ate breakfast, and went on a hike. The hike was actually fun. We hiked for like a 1mile and decided to turn around. Before turning around we ate lunch by this really cool tree. The branches on the tree formed a staircase so me and another kid from my troop, Tyrel, climbed to the very top. We had this awesome view of the valley.

On they way home on this 9 mile down hill dirt road, our car breaks start smoking and we had to stop to cool them off for about 20 minutes. Tyrel had to go to the bathroom so bad and he forgot toilet paper so he wiped with sticks lol. If you want to hear the whole car story feel free to talk with my dad.

Well I have to get ready for church. Cya!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Things that are going on

Well I went to my counselor to see if I could take World History for an A hour yesterday since it doesnt fit in my schedule. If I take 2nd semester WH I'll take the first semester online or possibly next year. So I am allowed to be in A hour and that will start at 7:55 :/ but I need to pay $150 before Dec 19.

Final are next week :/.

I am going camping today at 4 peaks. Im excited to go. Its been since like July that I have gone camping with my troop. We will go on a hike and play capture the flag all night long :).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday - Sunday

Well these few days have been a little hectic. My parents went to Utah to get the new but old suburban. While they were gone. Me and my brothers and sisters went to stay at my grandpa's. For the most part, everything went pretty well. There times where kids were fighting or Jenna was crying cuz she wanted her mom. We spent the night at grandpas Friday and Saturday. Saturday morning me and Leslie helped Lucy move out of Grandma Rowley's house. That took maybe an hour and a half. I pretty much just played xbox all day. Saturday night I took my brothers and sisters to our ward party. It was actually fun. We all enjoyed the play and the food. Alex and Jenna especially liked the square cheese on toothpicks.

Sunday just me and Connor came to our normal ward. Everyone else went to Grandpa's ward.
It was weird being at church without the entire family but in a way it was kind of fun. At about 1:40 I see grandpa and he comes toward me and says "Ales has puked 7 times". I was like are you kidding me? After church me and connor came home and maybe some sandwiches and sat down to watch the Cardinals play and checked on alex who felt miserable. Woohoo!! NFC West division champs!!! The score was 10-31 and the Cards win!

Gotta go. Cya

Thursday, December 4, 2008

just a few things

Alright well, its been a normal week; going to school and all. Um I had an orchestra concert Tuesday and I think we did pretty good. I played well thats for sure. I thought I was gonna be really freaked out and mess up.

Me and my dad got really cool looking wool blankets for our kapotes we are making in scouts or our Rendezvous campout.

..I'm going to the counselor today to see if i can take A hour World History since I dropped it so I could take Seminary. I'm hoping I can jump in and get 2nd semester out of the way and take the 1st semester class online in the summer.

I Am also very excited for my campout at 4 peaks next Friday.

Well there's not too much going on so..