Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am Excited!

I am so excited for the game tonight. It is so much more fun playing against someone other than your own team all the time. My team should do really well. We have good runningbacks, quarterbacks, our receivers are ok too. I am also excited to use my really nice new gloves I got for selling 20 cards. I should be playing more than I thought I would in my last post and I am jersey number 60 if no one caught that in the last post.

If anyone would like come it is at Red Mountain Highschool @ 6:00pm.

I also have a chair test in orchestra today. I hope I do good and move up in chairs.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I hung out with Anthony and Connor from my ward. We pretty much played video games the entire time. I kicked their butt at halo. Anthony is really good at the drums on Rock Band. He plays the hardest songs on Expert which is really crazy lol. We also played super smash brothers on the wii lol.

I am sooo excited lol. Gotta get ready for school. I have good day.


Richard said...

Hope you won your game last night. You deserve to win after all the hard practice that you have put in. Good luck in orchestra chair trials.

Leslie said...

Congratulations!! I heard you guys won!!

I don't know how anyone can play expert on the drums...But this is from someone who can't even play easy on the drums...