Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Rest of My Week

The rest of my week was just kind of the same stuff, football practice everyday, scouts, and all the great stuff. I'm kind of just falling back in football. There is always a better kid than I am who wants it more than me. I'm still being put in on offence, but I am on the kick off return team and the punt team so I will get some playing time. I finally got my decals and number jersey number. The helmets look really slick. There is a skinny blue stripe down the center and a big stallion with "stallions" under it. (I'm number 60)

Orchestra is good. We are having a chair test on Tuesday and I have been practicing a lot because I really want to be first chair. I have to play an A scale and a D scale, which I have figured how to play 3 octaves. What I am really focusing on is my bow. I'm trying to figure out a how I can be less choppy and sound more smooth. My chin rest also snapped in half and I have absolutely no idea how it did, but I got a different one from Grandma Hooper.

That's all that has really happened this week. I don't really have anything to look forward to either besides my football game at Red Mountain High school on Tuesday.

But, have a spectacular day!


Chelley said...

Who says you have to have something to look forward to? Have fun today! Be a kid! Sometimes you sound too much like a grown-up. You're 14 for goodness sake! Go to that party tonight or call Tyrell or Darin and hang out. Laugh a little. I love you kid!

Chelley said...

Good luck on your game my little "special guard"! I look forward to it!