Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well my football team is undefeated so far, 2 - 0. The end score of the game was 20 - 27. A the start of the first quarter I thought we were going to lose because they kept scoring. In the second quarter we got ahead by two points, 12 - 14. Third quarter begins and in like 2 plays we score, but missed our field goal. Fourth quarter they scored and got a two point conversion making the score 20 - 27. As time fell short, the referee's called the game.

I played only 5 plays on the special teams. I am still working on getting a starting position so hopefully I will play more next game.

Other stuff and things to look forward to:

I finally got something new to play from grandma. (I've been absent from lessons for a while so couldn't get anything new) It is a lot harder than the one before, but it is fun to play.

Saturday should be a fun day for me. Hopefully I don't have practice. But, grandpa is taking me to Verizon to get a new phone so when my parents cut mine off I will still have one (I have been dieing to get a new one lol). And I am going to one of the Elder's Quorum guys house to watch some college football with my dad.

Well I gotta go to school Cya!


Richard said...

Great WIN!!!! It must feel great to be undefeated. Keep up the good work!!

music lady said...

I hope you really like that new piece of music... it should help improve that bowing arm! Thanks for playing so beautifully at my home on my violin. You are getting so good!