Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Saturday, my dad, my scout troop, and I went to participate in an event called On Target. On Target is where a bunch of different scout troops go on top of mountains and signal each other with mirrors. It was really quite amazing that a signal mirror can reflect more then 120 miles. I was on the one of the highest peaks of the White Tanks. The farthest mountain we signaled was 75 miles away. The best part of the trip was when a sheriff helicopter circled around us. Apparently, people down in Phoenix saw our mirror and called the sheriff's department. The copter landed and out came a woman dressed in a police officers uniform and asked what we were doing and if we needed help because she thought we were like stranded hikers. We explained to her the event that was going on and she took off and did a little trick flying away. I was very glad that football was cancelled so that I could come to this. It was a blast and would love to do this again. Below are some of the pics of the trip.

The light is a mirror. This was the first mountain we signaled


Leslie said...

That seems like are really neat thing to do.

Lexie Smith said...

Fun fun! Thats pretty funny about the helicopter coming to get you guys. oh and nice picture of the butterfly lol :)