Saturday, September 6, 2008

We win AGAIN!

This Saturday morning I had a scrimmage against Smith Jr. High. If you look at all the pictures you will see the score of the game. I did really good!! The start of the game we kick off the ball. I tackle the dude with the ball causing him to fumble it. I dive to the ground scrambling for the ball and I got it! I stand up after the play is over and hold the ball over my head to the side line and everyone is screaming. A bunch of guys said I set the tone of the game. I sacked the QB twice, Alex Carlson one of my friends from Smith and teammate of Paiutes, I made sure he knew it was me who sacked him each time lol. I blocked all of my guys and no one passed me. It was also really funny to be yelling at Smith's defensive players by name and they are all like how does he know my name lol. My dad took a lot of pictures and I'll post the good ones. I had so much fun playing in this, but was left with lots and lots of bruises.

(captions are under each pic)

Opening kick off of the game
same kick off

coming off the field after we scored on offense

I am in the bottom of this pile (If you look closely you can see my glove)

I am in the center or picture and this defensive lineman isn't gonna to touch my QB

End of game

46 - 0


Chelley said...

Nice job and Great game!! Just be glad you aren't on the Smith team, or you guys would have been clobbered! It was fun watching you play, you played a ton!

music lady said...

Way to GO!

Your song says it all on your blog... ice, ice baby.. after that you probably need a lot of ice for those sore muscles aND ACHES.