Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We WIN!!

Stallions win 21 - 12! Even though I didn't play much it still was fun being there. I played a total of 5 plays! Wow! It is better than not playing at all I guess.

We made lots of errors, especially fumbles. Number 5, Mike Calendo fumbled the football on a punt return and allowed Fairfax to recover it giving them a 50 yard gain. Mike did reveal himself by scoring the last touchdown though.

The best play we probably had was when Fairfax punted it and we caught it and ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown (about 4o yard run).

*On Saturday we have a scrimmage against Smith (yes! This is a must win for me) at shepherd - 9:00am. I "will" play a lot since starters are not allowed to play. (I'll give more info maybe tomorrow)

There is a lot more to talk about, but I am very tired. Have an exciting day!

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Richard said...

Congrats on your win!!! What a way to start out the season. Should let your coach know that if the Stallions want to win BIG, they need to play you more!!!lol