Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Past Few Days...

The past few days have been pretty good. I've been meeting new people, especially girls lol (I'll explain in a minute). School is boring and homework is crazy, but I have good grades. I am also really enjoying seminary. Bro. Spencer is a very fun teacher, but is serious when it comes to the lessons.

The football team has really changed up the offensive line. We don't have a center anymore and the guy they thought could play center isn't doing to hot. So when the coaches were all talking I overheard them saying they needed a new center or to some of you who don't know football so well the center is the guy who hikes the ball to the quarterback. I told my coach that I would do it for the teams sake. They were like yea that's a good idea. So I'm gonna try hard to get the position even though I have never played this position. I think it'll be fun.

No girl in this neighborhood doesn't know my name now. I'm getting tons of texts from girls who I have no idea who from. Sunday night I sent/received 90 texts in like 1.5 hours. May not seem like much, but I used to not send very many. I am always texting now and if I didn't have unlimited texts I would've spent $60 in one day lol. Cheerleaders at my scrimmage sat under my mom and dad's "shade" (they had their canopy) and they were asking my parents who was their kid. They said we are here watching Jonathan and The cheerleaders said Oh the tall blonde one? Everyone talks about him. I was laughing when my mom told me that. Last night for family home evening we went to the Murset's house (family in our ward) and I guess this girl wanted to meet me. Her and her mom came over to say hi. She was very nice.

Well that's all I got for now. I have to head off to school. Have a great day!!!


Chelley said...

You are becoming quite the ladies man! It's when you start returning their attention that I will get nervous!

I hope you succeed in that new position! I know you will give it everything you've got and work hard. Keep a positive attitude and the coaches will be more willing to work with you.

Love you, kid!

Richard said...

Good luck on the new football position. I know you will do great with it. You have allways done well in whatever position you have played in.

So are you going to change your title from "The Man" to "The Ladies Man"??!!! lol.