Friday, August 15, 2008

What a Week...

This week has been very hectic. School, football, homework, trying to sell more cards. It's been crazy. But hurray for the weekend. My weekend doesn't start till about noon since I have football till 11:30am.

School has been fun. I have made a lot of new friends here and am talking in the big groups which i used to Never do. People actually know that I am there and talk to me. I have never gotten so much homework in the first week of school. I had about 30min to an hour of homework each day which took away of my 2.5 hours of free time.

My orchestra sounds awful. I don't even want to play in it cuz its that bad.

Football has been going good. Today was my second day with shoulder pads. I am also fighting with this guy for first string left guard. There has been lots of new guys showing up that aren't very good and are dieing out in the heat (it's really funny watching whining I'm too dizzy or I feel sick lol). Wearing a button up shirt and tie to school was cool but its now starting to get really annoying, but everyone thinks my dad's ties are cool (I wear a lot of his ties cuz they are pretty cool. Everyone like the frog tie the most lol). It isn't very comfortable.

Seminary is fun, but not fun walking there. I have memorized Romans 1:16 now. Monday is when we really start studying the New Testament.

Well I gotta go to sleep since I am gonna be busy all day long tomorrow.

Good Night and have a great weekend!!!


Leslie said...

I am using that scripture in my talk sunday!! Good Scripture.

Would you wear a koolaid tie? if so I would make you one. It would take me about 10 mins..I just need to find a clip because it would have to be a clip on or a elastic because I dont think I could get them to bend to make a real tie.

Leslie said...

Show me one of the cards tomorrow night...I want to see what the deals are for like native new yorker and sonic and papa johns...if I like them I may buy one...even though I shouldnt. I am totally craving native new yorker.