Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

Well today was my very first day at Shepherd Jr. High. I found all of my classes and was on time to all of em except seminary since it is really far off campus. I also had to wear a shirt and tie.

1st hour:
Mrs. Chilton

My 1st hour class is Orchestra. We picked locks and lockers to store our instruments in and got out planners. Tomorrow we will all be playing.

2nd hour:
Mrs. Ewald

English is by far, the most boring subject. We did a greet and meet sheet thing to get to know other class mates. It was a lot of fun to be honest.

3rd hour:
Mr. Post

This class is science. He is a little wierd, but I'm sure he will teach well. Like most of my classes we just did little get to know you things. After the class we went directly to lunch. Man! Shepherd seems to have better quality. I don't know how when it comes from the same place, but oh well. I sat will all the football players. It was fun.

4th hour:
Mr. Schapiro

Math, one of my more favorite subjects. I actually got homework in this class. We reviewed a little and did get to know you sheets. My math teacher is strict and will be a good teacher.

5th hour:
Bro. Spencer

Seminary was great! My teacher is really nice and it feels great to be in a class learning about the gospel during school hours. The seminary building is really far. Takes about 10 minutes to get there since I have math on the other side of the school. He also cited a really good scripture that we will master later on. (Romans 1:16)

6th hour:

Football practice sucked since we wore helmets. It was alot more difficult, but i lived.

Thats all for right now im tired and I am dieing to eat some food.


music lady said...

Helmets are horrible in this heat Huh?!?!?!? Ugh! Gosh, I have sweat pouring down the side of my face at 8 AM when I am on bus duty without a helmet! I've been on it the first 4 days of school. Now I just go out there every Monday morning.
I'm glad you had fun today! Sounds as if you are meeting lots of people and soon you will have lots of friends.
And remember that scripture... people are always watching us so be confident in who you are and what you believe and then share when you can the truths that you know through your actions and words.
Love ya,
Sooper Dooper Gma Hooper

Chelley said...

I am glad you are liking Shepherd. I am also excited that you love Seminary, I always did too, except the year I had it for A hour. I seemed to be verrry late a lot that year! keep up the hard work! U R AWESOME!!

Chelley said...

YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!