Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Stuff

Well I don't really have much to post so I will just post what ever.

Football has finally really began. We have put on full pads are now going full speed in our tackling drills. It so much more fun, but way more painful. I am starting to lose my starting position so I gotta work harder.

I have this weird bump in the middle back of my head. Its been there for a long time and my mom noticed it while rubbing my neck since it was sore from football. It isn't normal my grandpa said. Hopefully nothing serious.

I sold all of my cards. I can now get my lineman gloves woot! Those should hopefully impress my coaches during drills.

What other random thoughts should I post?..... Oh! I am 3rd chair in the first violins in my orchestra (I didn't play very well in the playing test), but I will be first chair in our next chair test.

I'm really tired. Good Night!!


Leslie said...

So, did I ever tell you that I have a really bumpy head?

Did you save a card for me?

Leslie said...

Are you ditching school today? After I go get some cash I can get that card from you. Probably early afternoon. Luke isnt feeling good so I am not sure what I will get done today.