Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Made History!!

Well no Shepherd Football team has ever beaten a Desert Vista team and we did! It was a very close game and am very proud of my team. It was very close. No one scored until 3rd quarter. Desert Vista had a lot of fumbles and penalties. The score was 14 - 8. It was really fun game cuz when ever a big play came we all would just start jumping in the air and screaming. My team had more fans in the stands the desert vista until about the second half lol. If we didn't win the game I would have been very mad cuz having a quiet 60 minute drive home wouldn't have been fun. Well hopefully my next game we will do jusas well and score even more points.

It's my B-DAY! I am now 15. It should be a great day. I've already gotten a bunch of texts telling me happy birthday and its only 7:00 in the morning. Today will also be cool cuz it is early release and we get out at 1:40, but I still gotta go to football till 4:40. And I just got my first present of the day and it was a new under armor. I really needed a new one cuz the one i got now is wearing out.

Well talk to ya later!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Jon!! I am going to give you something but I ran out of time So I will have to get it for you next week. I hope you have a great Day even if you do have football practice.

music lady said...

Hope it has been a great day!
I'm proud to have such a great, awesome, handsome, talented grandson.