Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Season Is Ending

Well the 2008 Shepherd Football season is coming to its end. It's been a great winning season of football. I have been on a team that has been so good. I am very glad I came to an athletic school unlike Smith lol.

My last practice was today. Honestly, I was so glad! Football is definitely a ot of fun but its been a little too mch lately. I am gettinghome when its pitch black and I have been forgetting to do my homework (I still have good grades though). We have been practicing for the biggest game of our freshman career. We are playing Fremont. Shepherd and Fremont extremely dislike each other and try to beat each ther at everything. We have beat fremont for 4 years now. One my coaches lost to fremont playing for Shepherd and he said he still hears the story of their lost to this day. So basically this is a must win game. It will be "TODAY" at Red Mountain High School, 6:00pm.

Since football is over I plan to start spend a lot more time practicing my violin. I absolutely love playing my violin, especially hymns. Whenever I play church hymns I just want to keep playing more. I want to get a scholarship through my violin also. Anyway, I have Regional tryouts in January and I really really want to make so I will be practicing my butt off. I mainly want to make it in for my Grandma. She has worked really hard to help me develop my violin talent and this is the way I want to thank her.

Well have a great rest of the week!!!



Lexie Smith said...

Good Luck at the big game! I'm sure u guys will kick butt! :]

Chelley said...

Woo hoo! You guys won and you got to play! Sorry I wasn't able to go. I finally get my son back!

Richard said...

The game was awsome and it got better when you were able to play. Laurie, Jolie and myself saw a great team finish a so-so team. Way to beat them!!!! Hope you can relax a little now.