Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sabercats vs. Stallions

We are on our 5th game winning streak with a record of 7 - 1. We beat em 40 - 0. Back to back defensive shutouts. It was a pretty fun game. I played all of the 4h quarter.

The Teacher's Quorum is in charge of a bean bag toss for the trunk or treat for my ward this Friday. So for mutual we went over to one of my leader's houses and made the booth. It is just a square board with a big orange pumpkin painted on it. Its eyes, nose, and mouth are the holes where the bean bags will be thrown. I think it should be fun for the little kids :).

4 MORE PRACTICES TILL FOOTBALL SEASON IS OVER! Yea I am a little excited cuz I never have to time to do anything else, but football. We our last game is Wednesday versus our huge rival, Fremont.

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Richard said...

Hey Jon- It has been a WINNING season for you!!!! We would like to watch your last game and to see you play. could you send an email with the time and place? Thanks.