Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Week of School

Well the last week of school is always the worst cause you are so excited to finally get out of school and the days just go by so slow. It has been the most boring week. Monday and Tuesday we didnt do anything but study for finals in class and sat for an hour in the gym doing nothing for PE >:/. I did great on all of my finals i dont know about my science final but i think i might have bombed it. So today is finally the last day of school and im not bringing anything to school except a pencil and a marker to sign year books.

I also had a practice for Red Mtn high schools summer baseball league. My team is alright. The outfield needs some people who have stronger arms and thats mainly why im going to go in the outfield plus im pretty fast and can judge the ball in the air pretty well. I am really excited for our first game next wednesday.

I am going to go see Angels and Demons today at 7 and I will let you know how it is.

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