Friday, May 15, 2009

Catch up

Well nothing exciting has happened yet this week. It has just been a normal week of school but with lots of studying for finals. Today should be alot of fun cuz the 9th graders won the spirit contest so we get a pool party in the Shepherd pool during 4th, 5th, and 6th hour and then 3rd hour we are listening to an Olympic athlete who sucked and got 17th placed lol but she is one of our teachers daughter.

After the pool party I will get home and get ready for father and sons.

Should be a really fun weekend.

Oh yea I guess I will post about my missionary experience yesterday.

So this tough looking kid is crying about his girlfriend who broke up with him and saying he wants revenge and to make her feelings hurt badly. I said to him, "do you really want to hurt her? It isnt going to make you feel any better. Should I get a couple scriptures to help u out with this since I have them in my bag" Now I was totally joking and I happened to bring my scriputers to school oday and he said um yea id like to here some. And I was uuhhh ok. So I pulled out my scripture mastery card and looked up some scriptures about loving one another. He started feeling bad lol and then he said I dont think i am going to do anything to her anymore. He then started talking about how he wanted a sign from God telling him to either play football or not to play football. I told him thats not really how God works. So then I pulled some scriptures about how God reveals these things (by the Holy Ghost) and then I showed him James 1:5-6 if ye lack wisdom let him ask of God. He read that and was like ok yea i understand that. Then i turned to Moroni 10:4-5 and how the Holy Ghost will reveal the answer to him. He said he understood and wasnt going to football practice instead going to seek for some guidance. Now today I am going to see how he is doing and see if he'd like to come to church since it is invitation Sunday.


Chelley said...

It amazes me sometimes how brave you are. Good for you! I hope your party is fun today!!

Lexie Smith said...

She didnt totally suck she got 8th out of 12th and i doubt you would have been brave enough to eat that stuff she ate on fear factor. That was totally disgusting

music lady said...

keep up the good work

Leslie said...

Great Missionary Work!!