Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lake Trip!

So we went to Canyon Lake cause the Salt River was closed probably cuz it was to crowded. It was a lot of fun just being with my family and nobody else. It was nice to get break from all the other kids my mom babysits and just be together. The water felt great and the pay beach wasnt too crowded and it was also very nice with grass and lots of trees for shade :). I also caught my first fish and as I got it into the ice chest I started feeling really bad and was like man this fish is going to miss its family. Then my mom jut starts cracking up. I was like mom....what u laughing at and she was like fish dont have families. Then I started think how fish reproduce and they just lay eggs and stuff and leave them then those fish just go eat sleep lay eggs then die. Now I dont feel so guilty anymore and am excited to catch some mroe fish this afternoon at Red Mountain park with my friend landon. I will bring the camera and take pictures of me fishing and stuff.

just a 6" bluegill


Leslie said...

Nemo Had a Family!! :o)

Jonathan said...

SO! That was a movie! lol