Monday, May 11, 2009

Eagle Project, Baseball bat

After trying to schedule a meeting with Kenny Brunk (president of Andreas Closet) since March, I finally met with him saturday at noon. I am so glad I waited for him. I this my project will be great and a lot of fun. Here is my project planned out that I also have in my eagle project papers.

My project will be benefiting Andreas Closet, which is an amazing organization that helps young children get through terrifying procedures. Kenny Brunk (President of Andreas Closet) has pre-made mobile units that he will give me and I will have to assemble a handle on the cart to push it. I will have help from my uncle Kirk Hooper welding and bolting the handle on to the cart. After the cart has been properly assembled by my scout troop, I will take it down to the graphic company. The graphic company will put the Andreas closet graphics on the cart and my name will be put on the cart.

I will be holding a toy drive at the nearest Wal-Mart to my community. Flyers, posters, toy drive containers, etc, will all be provided by Andreas Closet. Andrea Closet flyers as well as flyers I will have made giving a brief biography on myself and explain what I am doing. I will have the scouts cover different hourly shifts at the local Wal-Mart during the toy drive. Boxes for the toy drive will also be placed in the foyer of the Church.

Once the toys have all been collected, they will all be taken to my house and we will tag and record all of the toys. The toys will be put into the mobile unit and will be taken St. Joe’s Hospital and a ceremony will be held. The scouts, my family, and I are all invited to a ceremony that will be held at St. Joe’s Hospital. A big cake will be made and the press will take pictures and best of all, the sick children in that department will also be invited and will be allowed to pick out a toy of the closet.

I am very excited to get started on this and now I just need one more signature for my project to be official.

After this I went over to Grandpa Hoopers house to make another baseball bat with Kirk. This time we wanted the bat to be perfect. We used a calliper to help measure exactly also. I think the bat is legal since it is 32" and 29oz. I dont have any pictures but the barrel is Antique Red and the handle is White Oak. It looks really sharp. Kirk is going to put my name on it and stuff on Albukirkie. Thanks Kirk!


Leslie said...

If I can help in any way with your project, I would be happy to do so. Just let me know!!

I have a bunch of pictures of you two making the bats, if you want them they are here!!

music lady said...

Wow, what a worthwhile project! I think that even though it will take a lot of time and effort it will be so worth it and you'll always remember it. Besides think of all the people it will benefit.

Richard said...

You can count me in also! Let me know what I can do to help.