Friday, July 25, 2008

Scout Camp

Well as you all know I have been gone for 5 days in Moab, Utah white water rafting. Is was a great trip and would definitely do it again. Wish I had pictures, but didn't bring a camera.
(this is probably my longest post lol)

DAY 1:

The drive was very long and boring (8.5 hours). My car basically listened to all my cool music I had on my iPod which we plugged into the radio. We got lost a couple of times putting us back about 45 minutes. As we finally got to our camp site for the night, I set up my tent in the dark. 4 people were going to sleep in my tent and we all get in and it felt like someone cranked up the heater. It was so HOT! One of my tent sharers or whatever found another tent to spend the night in. Luckily I slept fine.

DAY 2, 1st day on river:

When we all woke up, we packed up our gear and headed to McDonald's for breakfast. It was disgusting! I will never get a Deluxe Breakfast ever again. (The orange juice was good though) After breakfast, we headed down to the White Water Expeditions HQ and got our life jackets. My group got into a bus and drove down to the part of the river where we started our adventure. The river was very slow. No rapids or anything cool. We were all very bored and VERY excited to come home. That night we had burgers for dinner. Mmmmm!

DAY 3, 2nd day on river:

We packed our gear and threw into our trailer. And got back on the river. There were lots or rapids this time. It was so much fun. A couple of guys fell out of the boat and held onto the side of our boat until the rapid ended. Later that day, we got settled into our next camp ground. That night was the best night I slept until the storm. Winds were blowing very hard and blowing polls out of tents and taking tarps off. It was really crazy. The entire camp was up all night at like 2 in the morning staking down and tents and just talking cuz we couldn't sleep. I have to say, it was kind of fun with all the wind. It eventually slowed down and everyone was able to get back to sleep.

DAY 4, 3rd day on river:

Well we past all of the rapids in the river, so the guides decided to get us in the bus and go do yesterday's section of the river so we could have some more fun. The best part of that is that we didn't have to take down camp and set it up all over again. So basically it was the same as yesterday, but with no storm.

DAY 5, going home:

I woke up and packed my stuff and helped anyone else who needed so we could leave ASAP. we left about 7:45 AM Utah time. I got home around 5 PM, took a shower and left for grandpa's house for Jacob's B-Day party.

I did skip a lot of stuff cuz it is just to much to right. I earned the White Water Rafting and Rowing merit badges which will go toward my Eagle Palms. I also got the Cleanest Camper award since I never had any dirt on my body at the end of the day and picked up trash often. The mountains and stuff were really amazingly pretty and there was one rock formation that looked like a gummy bear lol. If you get the chance, go rafting down the Colorado River, but be sure to wear lots of sunscreen lol.Below is the merit badges I earned and am not sure if these are the current looking ones.


White Water Rafting

These merit badges were VERY fun. I flipped big boats rowed, and tied lots of knots for these. Well this is all for today. I my tired and am finally going to sleep on a comfy mattress instead of the hard ground. (If you have and questions about my trip fell free to post and I will be sure to answer them)

Good Night.

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Chelley said...

I sure missed you kid! I am glad you had a good time!