Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Painful Loss

Well the score was 10 - 12, Desert Ridge wins. My teams defence was off my a lot. Our starting pitcher walked every batter giving desert ridge 3 points till finally we got 3 outs. The next inning we pull our pitcher and he started throwing strikes. Later in the game I pitch. The score is 6 - 6 so no one can score. Strike one, Strike two, Strike three!! were the calls I got for my first batter. I struck this kid out with a beautiful curve ball. The same calls were called for the 3 batters i faced. My pitching was definitely on.

8 - 8 in extra innings. Our pitcher is walking people left and right. Bases loaded by walks, desert ridge hits a single to right field letting 2 runs score. 8 - 10, 2 guys on base. Another single to center 1 run scores. Bases get loaded again by walks and a ball is hit to me in left field. I run to the ball catch it, and whirl it in to home letting know score. But the catcher just had to miss my throw (it was right to him) and a run scores.

Finally my team is up to bat. As we get a guy on third with 2 outs. I hit a nice grounder between first and second base. I got to second and I receive an RBI. we get another hit and I score. The next to batters strike out and the game is over.

Really not a fun game besides me pitching. And after the game my friend starts calling me out on the phone saying the entire game was my fault because i shouldn't have thrown the ball to home. but instead throw it to second base. The guy on third would have been home anyway if I threw to second...... And he is the one who spent the night at our starting pitchers house and stayed up till 4 in the morning. (I know i sound like a jerk, but I'm just upset)

Sorry if this post sounds a little weird. I don't think I arrange it very well.

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