Thursday, May 15, 2008

Orchestra Concert

Here I believe i was playing songs from "West Side Story".
I look a little deformed here, but I'm almost positive that this was
just before the concert started
This is the entire orchestra if you can't tell
I'm staring out my gorgeous violin?

On Tuesday at 7:00 I had my last orchestra concert of the year and even possibly my last concert at Smith Jr. High. We did quite well, except my stand partner was playing on a different count. My favorite song was West Side Story during the part "Cool", where the drums start playing. That part is really "cool".

**My family has decided not to move out to Queen Creek, instead stay in Mesa.


music lady said...

Hey What's up with that Handsome Dude sitting by all those cute girls in orchestra! I never sat by a handsome dude when I was in orchestra. The one I sat next to for a while was rather homely looking. Well, all the girls are lucky to have my handsome grandson sitting next to them.

Jonathan said...

Yep they all sure are lucky. :)

Chelley said...

I think you did a great job! You sound so good! Love you!

Eric H said...

Juan, You are the man, surrounded by all those women! ...And I do like your background. :)