Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cubs vs. Red Sox

Wow! That was an awesome game!! The score was 14 - 5, leaving the Cubs with an impressive victory. This game was probably one of the best games my team has ever played. I was 3 for 3 in hits; 2 singles and a double. My double was an excellent line drive over shortstop's head. My team made no errors, and the pitcher did great (I didn't start this game because coach wanted to save me for early Saturday's game). Surprisingly everyone on my team got a hit (which is very rare for some players :]). So far we have won both of our games this week and are looking for our 3rd big "W" on Saturday (I'll probably start this game).

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bryan said...

Even though I was late the hit that I got to see was awesome. It was full of power and was solid. It was fun to watch everyone on your team play happy and you looked like you were having fun. I'm excited to watch your game at 7:30 in the morn on Sat. It has been fun to be at your games this season, you have come a long way.