Friday, May 23, 2008


Yesterday was finally the last day of school! I am so glad I get to stay home and do what I want. The only downfall of the last day was that it was raining like crazy.

My math final I easily got an "A",
My American History class final 96%, district final did horrible,
My computers final I got a 98%,
English final; I think I did pretty bad,
and my science finals I got an "A".

I'm now a freshman!!, but in Mesa Public Schools I still go to a junior high (how dumb is that).


Jeremy said...

Well as dumb as it may seem to still be in Jr. High as a Freshman, it has it's perks. You are the highest grade and if you were at a 4 year High School you would actually be the lowest/youngest grade and targeted for cruel pranks. This way you get 1 more year out of the way and won't have to bear the brunt of Seniors who think they rule the world and would squash a freshman just to hear the noise they make when squashed.

Jonathan said...