Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Depressing Game, Cubs vs. Athlectics

Well, the score was 5 - 6 and of course we lose. The game was supposed to be over at 9:30, but the stupid umpire said the game should keep going since the score was so close. (we were up by one; the Athletics must have been slipping 100s in his pocket) bases loaded with 2 outs, they hit a line drive to short and short stop misses it (ahh!!) one point scores, left field throws it in and catcher (who is really bad) misses the ball on a really easy throw which let the winning run score. I was mad.

On the bright side, I had a great hit to left field which hit the fence and I was able to get to 3rd base. And just before i got to bat, our best hitter hit a ground rule double, which is when the ball is really close to the fence at it bounces over. Our pitcher did great again.

I may even join a club team if there is opening on this certain team.


Chelley said...

You were ROBBED!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan said...

Yea i definitely was robbed.

Someone call 911! They just got robbed! lol remember that?