Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Embarrassing Game

Well for my team it was a pretty good game, but for the Angels, an embarrassing game. My team were the visitors so we bat first. We scored 10 runs at the first at bats by walks. I was hit in the foot. Finally after 3 outs, we take the field and get "3 up 3 down" and bat again. This time we didn't score and I hit a high foul ball near 3rd base and got out :(. The final score of the game was 16 - 7 keeping the Cubs in the playoffs. The best play/plays was me stretching for the ball at first base (don't know how I can stretch my leg as far as a I can), and I stole home sliding into the safe call.

-The funny news :)
Well the umpire was hit in the worst spot you don't want to be hit in by a baseball. :O. He started puking; felt pretty bad for him.

Then right after that he gets nailed in the hand.
He sure did get beat up that night.


Chelley said...

You are now "Stretch Armstrong"! Your team was awesome, as were you! It was a fun game to watch.

bryan said...

That was a great game, it started to get boring watching their pitcher walk so many in. It was funny when the ump went down, I didfeel sorry for him though. The best part was when the cocky 1st baseman got picked off stealing home.

Jonathan said...

Yea when that first basemen got picked off at trying to steal home was perfect. Bobby made a good throw there too.