Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuesday Trip

Well there isn't really much to post about except for my quad riding trip near four peaks witht eh Standage families. I left with my Aunt JoAan and her family to go quad riding. Todd, my grandma standage, and JoAan's friend came. It was a lot of fun. I rode my Grandma's quad. I really only wanted to ride her's because I am very comfortable with it. We drove down a trail for about 45min with everyone on a quad. Then we decided to have let slow pokes get in the back and the people who really wanted to ride could zoom on back to our camp. Me and my cousin Trevor were going pretty fast. At one point we were going 55mph (according to Trevors quad's speedometer) and we also caught some air. I am looking forward to our next quading trip. It was a blast!

Well I would wright moer but I have to hurry off to the bus. Cya!


Lexie Smith said...
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Lexie Smith said...

sounds like a fun day