Friday, November 21, 2008

Football Banquet

So last night was my football banquet. We started out in the cafeteria at Shepherd and had hawaiin food. It was much but the meatballs were really good. After eating the crowd headed down to the library to give out wards and also to watch the game film. I was about the 8th kid who was talked about and given a certificate and shirt. Coach didnt say much about me, im sure he really didnt care about me anyway since I didnt go to summer camp but whatever. Now he is giving long speeches on his favorite players and that went an hour and a half late. When it was time to watch game film at 8:30 (the party was supposed to be over this time) my mom and I left becuase we needed to leave. We went home and watched he game film. I was actually surprised to see some of my sacks and great plays on it too. (If you ever wanna see me in it let me know and Ill show you :])

I gotta go to school cya!

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Chelley said...

It was fun until he started rambling on for 5 to 10 minutes per kid. There are 60 kids!! I did like what they wrote about you in the game recaps. Crushing blocks by Hooper and stuff sounds great!