Friday, November 28, 2008

My ThanksGiving

In the morning I get up and get ready for my flag football game that our ward is doing. We had like 16 people show up which means 8 vs 8. The first two plays of the game were all me. The ball was thrown to me both times and I got a total of 50 yards. Couple of turnovers later, I get and interception and ran for 25 yards until I was accidentally tripped (I'm kind of doubting that) and I really hit hard.

After a few bumps and bruises I get ready to go to my Aunt Jenny's house. The food was ok but the potatoes were nasty (fake of course). After dinner I decided to get away from the family and play pool with my dad down stairs. I got my butt kicked by the way. The the family meeting woohoo! Lol I'll let my mom or dad tell this story.

After this we went to Grandpa Hooper's and watched Hancock with lots of sound/picture problems.

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Chelley said...

It was a good day, you turkey!! lol I liked the movie minus the language problem!