Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Break Almost Here!

Woohoo! Just a few more days until winter break. Im so glad I get like 3 weeks off from and school and celebrate New Years and Christmas.

Anyway, I am going to be taking A hour World History and my Grandpa Standage is giving me $150 to pay for it. Thx Grandpa! I will work for him for that money like I do with my Grandpa Hooper :).

On Monday I made a Hydrogen/Oxygen bomb in science (it was hydrogen and oxygen in a balloon). We taped it to a wall outside and burned a fuse of tape. When it blew up it was so loud. People fom across the school could here it. If you ever want to see it go off, I can send it to you form my phone.

Wednesday and Thursday are my final days. Today I have a final in math and tommorow I will have finals in Science. The rest of my finals I did yesterday.

Well there isn't much to talk about so see ya!

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