Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Campout

Friday-Saturday I went camping with my troop up at Four Peaks. It wasn't to cold but when the wind kicked in, it was freezing. The dirt road that we drove t get to our campsite took like 45 minutes. We finally get there and we set up our tents and now we are all hungry and ready for some burgers.

As we try to make our fire, one of the leaders sons came and basically turned into the scout master. He was showing us how to make fire with flint and steel (all of us know how do this from 11 year old scouts so this was irritating). For about 15 minutes we are watching try to light this nest of grass and me and another kid were just like, Hey! we have matches and 6 brand new lighters for a reason. Lets use them? After the leaders son went to go and get more grass. There rest of my troop builds a Tee pee and uses matches to get the fire going before he got back. I felt bad for doing that but seriously we have had this lesson all the time, we just wanna eat lol.

The burgers were delicious (cooked by my dad). After the burgers we kind of went to bed cuz we were cold and we talked and laughed for a while before falling asleep (of course i fall asleep first).

In the morning we got camp packed up, ate breakfast, and went on a hike. The hike was actually fun. We hiked for like a 1mile and decided to turn around. Before turning around we ate lunch by this really cool tree. The branches on the tree formed a staircase so me and another kid from my troop, Tyrel, climbed to the very top. We had this awesome view of the valley.

On they way home on this 9 mile down hill dirt road, our car breaks start smoking and we had to stop to cool them off for about 20 minutes. Tyrel had to go to the bathroom so bad and he forgot toilet paper so he wiped with sticks lol. If you want to hear the whole car story feel free to talk with my dad.

Well I have to get ready for church. Cya!


Lexie Smith said...

the whole campout thing sounded fun but the last bit about tyrel i could have done without haha

Jonathan said...

oh lol I thought it was quite funny hehe. He was walking like he forgot to pull a stick out :)

Chelley said...

A bit too much info abt tyrell also!! But funny! I am glad you guys had a good time!