Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday - Sunday

Well these few days have been a little hectic. My parents went to Utah to get the new but old suburban. While they were gone. Me and my brothers and sisters went to stay at my grandpa's. For the most part, everything went pretty well. There times where kids were fighting or Jenna was crying cuz she wanted her mom. We spent the night at grandpas Friday and Saturday. Saturday morning me and Leslie helped Lucy move out of Grandma Rowley's house. That took maybe an hour and a half. I pretty much just played xbox all day. Saturday night I took my brothers and sisters to our ward party. It was actually fun. We all enjoyed the play and the food. Alex and Jenna especially liked the square cheese on toothpicks.

Sunday just me and Connor came to our normal ward. Everyone else went to Grandpa's ward.
It was weird being at church without the entire family but in a way it was kind of fun. At about 1:40 I see grandpa and he comes toward me and says "Ales has puked 7 times". I was like are you kidding me? After church me and connor came home and maybe some sandwiches and sat down to watch the Cardinals play and checked on alex who felt miserable. Woohoo!! NFC West division champs!!! The score was 10-31 and the Cards win!

Gotta go. Cya

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