Monday, June 23, 2008

Going To Be A Rough Day For Alex...

Well tomorrow morning Alex is getting tubes put in. My mom says he will be all drugged up and be just "out of it". Whenever Alex is "out of it" he is just a pain in rear. We bought a bunch of treats that will hopefully cheer him up a bit.

Anyway, baseball.... Not very fun at all. I've been my coaches first baseman all year long and now he puts me in the outfield and treats me like I'm just a complete idiot. He is always yelling at me for stupid little things like, having my arms folded in the outfield while the pitcher is warming up and we haven't even started yet. It also irritates me when the current first baseman makes a mistake, my coach talks gently to him and says its ok you will get it next time, and when i make that same mistake, he yells at me like I've done something terribly wrong. UGH.

Well that's enough for now. I am going to bed.


music lady said...

Is your mom paying for this baseball? or is it school?
It is NOT FUN when a coach is yelling at you for everything! You need a new coach.

Chelley said...

His coach has been a good coach, he just turned on Jon this past week and we can't tell why. He is not the only one who has noticed it. This is All-Stars, tho. It is a continuation of Little League and is for the best of the best and is all about winning, not having fun. It should be about both! At least 5 kids, that I know of, are not enjoying themselves on this team. (I am not paying for this, the league came up with donations to cover the whole team which is usually $150 per kid.)

Keep your chin up and don't let him get you down. Have fun with the rest of the team and don't give up! I am proud of you!

Richard said...

The coach does not realize what a great assest you are to the team. Don't let this get you down. You are a AWESOME ball player. Keep up the good work.

music lady said...

Is this the last day for the All-Star stuff? DId you learn from It?

Your title says going to be a rough day for Alex so how is the rascal now? A new Post maybe?

And maybe an enlightening on your ball playing?