Friday, June 27, 2008

Alex, Baseball, and other stuff.

-This post is mainly for my grandma since she asked for another post lol.

Well little Alex is doing just fine now, but still a pain. The first few days after his surgery he was very cranky and you can only be around him for a certain amount of time before he flips out on you. Going swimming with Alex is not very fun because of his ear plugs he has to wear. They always fall out and I have to go searching under water for them every 5 minutes.

Baseball is doing a lot better since my coach has been a little more relaxed and isn't screaming anymore. I'm starting left field which sucks, but it is better than sitting on the bench. My first game is Saturday (if anyone is wanting to go, check my baseball statistics thing on the side). We are also getting our jerseys and stuff tonight and I will take pictures of them and post them. They are very nice.

I was thinking about transferring over to Desert Ridge High School instead of Smith, bu I think I'm going to stay at Smith because I would have a better shot at being first string in sports and being first chair in orchestra.

That's all for now. Hope to see you at my first game!

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