Sunday, April 4, 2010

Its been 6 months!

I have been so busy i have completely forgotten about my blog! So many things have been going on in my life during the past 6 months so I will just skip to the important parts.

I am driving Opa's 1971 Chevelle still. I absolutely love this car! It has quite a few problems but it gets me from place to place.

I didnt make the Red Mtn Baseball team. In was way I was really glad I didnt make the team. The boys are just very crude and its hard being a Latter Day Saint and keeping your standards up around them. Instead I tried out for the Volleyball team and I made that! Volleyball is officially my favorite sport! It is so much fun! You are always constantly moving and into the game!

During my freshman year at Shepherd, I gave a girl named Kaylee Tyner a Book of Mormon. Since then, the missionaries and I have gone over to her house to teach. We have only gone twice but we are trying our hardest to bring the gospel to her. I have invited her to church and quite a few other activities but she always seems to be busy lol. This up coming sunday I have invited her to come to church and play her violin with me. She accepted that! So we will be playing together in church next sunday. I really hope that goes alright and that she feels the spirit.

During spring break my orchestra and I went on tour to NYC!! WE played in Carnegie Hall and St. Paul's Cathedral. I will never forget that experience! it was absolutely amazing and I would love to go there again.

Last Wednesday, playing in my volleyball game, I tore my ACL. I was hopping backwards to go for a spike (the ball was set a bit behind me) and as I hit it, my knee popped and gave out and I couldnt bend my knee for some time. It hurt like crazy! I am not yet sure how bad it is. I will be going to the doctor this thursday and we will see whats up. If it is bad enough, I will most likely get surgery because otherwise I have to give up sports and I am sooooo not doing that!

AIMS Tests are tomorrow! :((


Chelley said...

Hang in there kiddo!! It will be all right, you will see! Just think how much chick sympathy you will get with bandages and a brace on your knee! j/k Stay strong, luv u!

Sonny said...

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