Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Got my License!

Yesterday afternoon my mom took me to the DMV. I swear we were in there for hours.... after the paper work was all filled out I waited some more and took the my dads truck in the 3 point turn area. I wait some more and the instructor tests my lights then tells me to go into the coned spot and do a 3pt turn. If you hit a single cone you fail automatically. That really got my heart racing. I pull up and started backing up but then I realized I was going to hit a cone. SO i pulled up farther then backed up and completed the turn. The instructor said to pull to the side and wait so I did and watched the other kids trying to get their license do the 3 point turn. 2 out of the 5 failed.

The instructor got in my car and we drove around the block. It was quite easy but I was shaking really bad! The instructor said I need to watch my speed but other wise I did fine.

Having a license is suhweet! I drove around like all day yesterday lol.


music lady said...

Welcome to the world of mobility! But always remember with it comes a lot of responsibility.

Su Suziana said...