Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's been going on...

So lately I have obviously going to school and such. I have finished up my Eagle Project for Andrea's Closet 2 weeks ago. Me, my dad, and some friends from the ward went to the Andrea's Closet warehouse to inventory/stock the toys. There were lots of toys in this place. They were arranged by dollar amount. The bottom shelves were $3 and under, 2nd lowest shelf $5 under, the middle shelf $10, 2nd highest shelf $20 and under, and the highest shelf was above $20 (it was something close to this). There are different shelves for boy toys and girl toys. We took all my toys i collected and seperated them by its $ amount. Then we colored stickers on them (each sticker color meant a certain $ amount). then stocked them on the shelves. It was a lot of fun and Kenny Brunk (the president of Andrea's Closet) was really funny too. We collected approximately $3373 ($423 per hour), 566 toys, all in 8 hours at the Southern Walmart in the Superstition Springs Mall area. The project was definitely a success. All i have to do now is fill out the rest of the paperwork and then the court of honor to be an official Eagle Scout. i will also update info on the celebration of my cart going to St. Joe's hospital.

I have also become obsessed with the '71 Chevelle too. I will be driving this car when I am 16 (6 weeks exactly to this day). I love this car! Me and my dad are working on this and soon will have it looking good and running well enough to drive. I am so greatful for awesome parents to help me with the money to get this car fixed and to help me pay for my insurance as well!! Love you guys!

I am starting a blog for my dad and I's progress on the chevelle too. When I have it set up I will put up a link on facebook and on my blog.


Chelley said...

I am glad you are having fun wiht your dad. Don't spend our money before we have it tho! :)

music lady said...

You'll look good in the car!
I am so glad you had a wonderful Eagle Project and that it was a success.
Love ya, Grandma