Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roosevelt Lake Trip June 4,5,6

For my teachers quorum super activity we went to Roosevelt Lake for 3 days and 2 nights. We had lots of fun canoeing, fishing, water skiing, tubing, knee boarding, etc. It was by far the most fun super activity I have ever been on! Skiing with Kirk was such an awesome experience doing all the cool tricks and stuff. It was also way fun to water ski with my friend landon and my dad. If only my dads feet weren't hurting him in those darn skiis.

I slept in the canoe trailer because I was too afraid to sleep on the ground after the saying from kirk. Kirk said that the bugs just crawl all over you anyway when you are asleep and you dont even know it. Me and bunch of other kids were just like..... um im not sleeping on the ground anymore lol.

Fishing was fun but unsuccessful. I could've caught a big Carp or some Catfish if some of the boys didnt start making all this noise and scare the fish away. It was just me and my dad sitting in this little fishing hole by our camp surrounded by tall trees that were submersed under the water watching all these blue gill have a feeding frenzy and out of no where, 2 large catfish and 1 big carp come swimming by staring at my raw bacon. Then all of sudden Ahhhhh hey jon! What you doing! I look at the boys and out my finger to my mouth saying shhhhh. I look back and fish darted away. Man was I mad!

Well for some stupid reason I cant get the pictures downlaoded so if you are my friend on facebook feel free to look at them there.

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