Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stapley, Poston + Other Stuff

Sorry i havent blogged in awhile. I have been really busy lately and had forgotten about my blog. The stapley game was really easy. We beat them 22 - 7 lol. The Poston game was pretty good. It was a lot like the Gilbert game by how close it was. We won 7 - 6. It was a great game and we really came back at the end of he game. We had bases loaded with 2 outs and the pitcher walked both the tieing run and the winning run! It was an awesome win cuz we got revenge on poston for beating us in football. The next game i have will be at Ironwood (no idea where this is at) and i guess i am going relief pitch this game (hopefully my coach sticks to his word) and i am pretty excited.

I also have been in the doctor for Muscumcontagioso which is just a skin virus. The doctor put a blistering agent on all of the sores and turned them into blisters. They will pop on their own and hurt really bad! I have all sorts of bandades on me and I can barely move my right arm. So while we were in the doctors office and the doctor was cleaning up the stuff she used on me, I told my mom a story about this annoying kid. At school in math this kid had a open wound on his hand and started wiping it all over me (eww!). The next he did the same thing and I showed the sores that I had. And I told him at was MRSA. Having absolutely no idea what I was talking about i said it is very contagious and it is life threatening. He looked at me and was He left me a long then. So yesterday at school when i was baseball with this kid, i had those blisters all over me. He saw them and asked what they were and I told him is that disease I have and that is what happens and they really hurt. He was pretty scared and I was just laughing m butt off in my head :P.

Well thats all for now :)

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Chelley said...

LOL! That big turd derserves it! You told this story in front of the doctor and she was totally laughing. Really funny! You should probably clarify that this skin disease is really not that big of a deal so you don't scare people! :^)